Sean Zoske

Sean Zoske
As director of security at ThreatX, Sean Zoske leads the security operations center to guarantee successful implementations and ongoing operations for the customers of ThreatX. Prior to joining ThreatX, Sean was a manager on the cyber integration & innovation team at Optiv Security, the largest pure-play security solutions integrator in the world. Sean has an extensive background in security intelligence and operations consulting, having managed the implementation of new technologies and processes for well over 100 organizations in recent years, including many of the Fortune 500.
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Two birds. One stone. Cut costs & Reduce AppSec Risk

Posted by Sean Zoske on Apr 6, 2020 8:45:00 AM

Just a few weeks ago, my colleague wrote a blog about the importance of having AppSec vendors who are true partners and not simply hawkers of products. This has become even more important as security teams try to adapt to the challenges and pressures introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many organizations are accelerating their migration to cloud-based applications both to reduce costs and to simplify the availability of applications as more users work from home. At the same time, budgets are increasingly uncertain as teams look to control costs in the face of uncertainty. For AppSec teams, this creates a classic need to “do more with less”. While many organizations are being asked to cut back, it is important to remember that attackers are doing just the opposite.

This sort of challenge accentuates the vision behind our approach at ThreatX. This is not a marketing shift to capitalize on a global tragedy, it’s how we built our business from the start. Our approach is simple:

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Embedded in the ThreatX SOC: My First 30 Days

Posted by Sean Zoske on Sep 16, 2019 3:26:49 PM

SOC-as-a-SERVICE (1)

I joined ThreatX’s SOC as the Director of Security about 30 days ago now, and as with any SOC, days are hectic.  In some cases, nights are too. Even so, one of my first objectives at ThreatX was to meet with a few current customers to gather feedback from them about what is working, and what isn’t. 

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